Stephen J. Dubner

The Boy With Two Belly Buttons

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Is Solomon the only person in the whole world with two belly buttons?

When Solomon’s sister, Anya, is born, he offers to help his parents find her other belly button.  “Other belly button?” they reply. “But one is the right number of belly buttons!” Solomon, of course, has two. So begins the new children’s book from Stephen J. Dubner, author of Freakonomics, Choosing My Religion (formerly published as Turbulent Souls), and Confessions of a Hero-Worshiper

Solomon sets out on an adventure in which he learns just how unique his condition is. Things look worse and worse until an unexpected encounter makes him appreciate what it means to be a little bit different.

Illustrated by Christoph Niemann, The Boy With Two Belly Buttons will strike a chord with anyone who feels like an exception to the rule.

Although Dubner has written about thieves, terrorists, and even economists, it’s fitting that he has at long last written his first children’s book, since his first published work appeared in Highlights for Children, when he was 11.

Professor Victor